The company holds an employee birthday party

In order to increase the cohesion of the company's employees, strengthen their sense of belonging, and promote employees' understanding and communication, so that each employee can truly feel the warmth of the big family of China Science and Technology after stressful work, the company organized employees with the theme of "Thanksgiving for you" Birthday party activities, to celebrate the birthday of employees in November, share happy moments!

DC leakage

DC leakage

DC leakage refers to the undesired flow of direct current (DC) through an insulation or isolation barrier that is intended to provide electrical separation. It is a measure of how much current is able to leak across the isolation barrier, which can be a concern in certain applications that require high isolation levels.

Isolation transformers

Isolation transformers are used to provide electrical isolation between two circuits. They have a primary winding and a secondary winding that are electrically separated, which means there is no direct electrical connection between the two windings.

Key Technological Challenges in Power Transformer Design

Power transformers play a vital role in the transmission and distribution of electrical power. They are responsible for step-up and step-down voltage conversion, ensuring efficient and reliable electricity supply. The design and development of power transformers involve several critical technological challenges. In this technical blog, we will explore some of the key obstacles faced by engineers in power transformer design.

Equipment Required for LCD Panel Fabrication

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panels are a key component in various electronic devices, including televisions, computer monitors, smartphones, and tablets. The production of LCD panels requires a complex and precise manufacturing process, involving several specialized equipment. In this article, we will explore the essential equipment used in the fabrication of LCD panels.

Voltage transformers in power engineering

Proper specification: Carefully select the voltage transformer based on the specific application requirements, such as the voltage level, frequency, accuracy class, and burden capacity. Ensure that the transformer is capable of handling the expected voltage levels and current loads.

Liquid Crystal Module

LCM, short for Liquid Crystal Module, refers to a key component in liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. It is an assembly that integrates various components such as liquid crystal cells, thin-film transistors (TFTs), color filters, polarizers, and backlight units to form a functional display panel.

Example applications of Nixie tubes

Nixie tubes are electronic display devices that were commonly used in the mid-20th century to indicate numerical or alphanumeric information. They consist of a series of cathodes shaped like numerals or characters and a mesh anode that forms the display. When a specific cathode is activated, a glow discharge occurs, illuminating the corresponding numeral or character.

Exploring the Fascinating World of Nixie Tubes

​Nixie tubes, the iconic vintage electronic display devices, have captured the hearts of electronics enthusiasts for decades. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the realm of Nixie tubes, exploring their history, working principles, applications, and even how to build and drive Nixie tube circuits. Join us on this journey to discover the magical glow of Nixie tubes.

Understanding Inductance and Inductors

In the realm of electrical engineering, understanding the concepts of inductance and inductors is crucial. This article aims to provide a comprehensive explanation of these concepts, utilizing the knowledge base of a university professor.

Manufacturing Process of LCD Screens

​LCD screens, or Liquid Crystal Displays, have become a ubiquitous technology used in various electronic devices such as televisions, computer monitors, smartphones, and digital signage. This article aims to provide an overview of the manufacturing process involved in producing LCD screens.

TFT LCD Applications in Industrial Control Systems

TFT LCDs have become the standard display solution in various industries due to their superior performance and versatility. In this technical blog post, we will delve into the applications of TFT LCDs in industrial control systems and understand their significance in enhancing automation and efficiency.

latching relay in future

integrating advanced sensor technologies into closing relays can enhance their functionality and responsiveness. By incorporating sensors such as temperature, pressure, and vibration sensors, relays can monitor the operating conditions in real-time and provide timely feedback to prevent potential faults or malfunctions. This not only increases the reliability of the relays but also enables proactive maintenance and system optimization.

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